Best Drill Press - Buyer's Guide and tutorial

You can use a drill press for a lot of different projects, so as you would expect there are many different types of drill press each designed to suit a particular task. Some drill presses are made for drilling metal, others for wood or even plastic, but they are all mostly the same tool. Even though a drill press is a standard tool there are some difference you need to keep in mind before you buy one. In this guide we will take a look at the best drill press for the money so you can get a good deal when it comes time to go shopping. For a start you need to distinguish between the bench top drill press and the floor drill press. The floor drill press is one which mounts to the floor of your garage, where as a benchtop drill press bolts onto your work bench. The bench top drill press is considerably more portable than the floor drill press due to it being shorter and lighter.

The SKIL 3320-01 benchtop drill press is a good option for people who want a quality drill press but don't won't to spend much money. This is because the SKIL 3320 still has all the features of more expensive drill presses but without the high price tag. The SKIL 3320 drill press is 5 speed, which means it has 5 speed settings that you can adjust to while drilling. This is great when you want to drill multiple different types of materials that each require different drilling speeds. As for the swing capacity on this drill press it is 10 inches, not huge, but certainly at the large end as far as benchtop drill presses go. This drill press is highly precise thanks to its x2 laser guiding contraption. The motor on the 3320 is 3 amps, and more powerful than most others in this price bracket. Overall this is a nice drill press if you're on a tight budget but still want fully fledged features.

The WEN 4208 bench top drill press is another great choice. It is 5 speed, and 8 inches in capacity, so it's fairly light and portable. Having a portable drill press is good because it makes it easier to move your drill press between working locations. The build quality of this 8 inch drill press from WEN is very high, the key parts are all made from cast iron which makes them very durable and resistant to damage. This drill press may be slightly lacking in power for those who need a very strong drill press, but for most the 1/3 Horsepower motor is more than enough. IN conclusion if you're looking for a compact and affordable drill press this one is a good option to consider buying.

Delta 18-900L, this drill press is a monster both in terms of price and in terms of functionality. It comes at a massive 18 inch size so you won't be able to easily move it about, in other words it's a not very portable floor drill press. However for the sort of user who buys this drill press that won't be an issue, this drill press is designed for use in factories and in industrial settings. The 18-900 has 16 speed settings which makes it easy to find the appropriate speed for whichever material or type of steel you're drilling into. The depth stop is micro adjustable for increased precision, and this drill press comes with a highly precise laser guiding system perfect for jobs where precision is paramount. Overall this is a fantastic drill press, but it comes at a hefty cost.